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Cut The Cake Films has just signed up for three more wedding fairs with A Kentish Wedding. We have had a wonderful experience with this company; Dominic is friendly, helpful and efficient and he runs a very tight ship! When we started in the wedding videography business it was all quite daunting and we were obviously a bit wet behind the ears and so we are glad that our first ever wedding fair was with A Kentish Wedding. The fairs have a lovely, quite intimate feel to them; the atmosphere is positive, warm and friendly, and therefore you feel relaxed and comfortable in your little pitch which then, in turn, relaxes the visiting brides and grooms so much that they are happy to stop and chat. We have met some wonderful wedding suppliers at these fairs, in particular Lee Gordon from Blushing Bride Photography, with whom we will be working with in the future.

So, the Kent Cricket Ground on January 14th, the Marine Hotel on January 21st and Broome Park on March 25th are all booked in, and we may even add a few more to that list.

We are very lucky in that there usually aren't that many wedding videographers at Kent based wedding fairs so we don't have a huge amount of competition on the day - it must be quite hard as a photographer with so much competition. But who knows, with the growing wedding film industry, Cut The Cake Films may have a bit more competition in 2018! We are happy with what we do though, there is always something out there for differing tastes and budgets and so hopefully, while people are still getting married, there is room for everyone! Check out A Kentish Wedding's website...

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