Wedding bouquet with a difference

I love straying from the path of tradition, and so when Bill and I got married I didn't want a regular bridal bouquet, I wanted something different! When an old friend from work recommended Jennifer Lane at Forget me not boutique I took a look at the website and knew immediately I was going to be having one of these bouquets. For me, the brooch bouquet is like a wedding video (stick with me, it's going somewhere). With real flowers, they die. OK, not always, you can have them dried but they are not quite the same as they were on your Big Day. With a sparkly lovely jewelled bouquet it is yours to keep forever and ever and ever (just remember not to throw it to all the single ladies - you could do someone a serious misfortune). And this is just like your wedding video! Yes, yes, you keep photos, but with a VIDEO, you can watch the day as it unfolded. You can observe who arrived at the ceremony venue first, who was talking to whom, who waved, who kissed, who laughed. You can watch the moment when your new hubby said fabulous things about you again and again and again. You can laugh as you watch yourselves self-consciously edging around the dancefloor for your first dance. That's the thing, you see. You can actually relive your day. And who doesn't want to relive something so magical? Anyway, I seem to have gone off on a tangent. Again.

I told Jennifer my colour scheme was royal blue, royal purple and fuschia and that I wanted a jewelled bouquet and that was it. She went away and in a matter of weeks I received two of the most beautiful bouquets and they were exactly what I had wanted. Everyone commented on my bouquet on the day, I loved holding it; it made me feel very chic! This is it below, and you will also see it on Jennifer's website if you click on it...

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