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I know I keep banging on about the magic of a wedding video that you can watch over and over again (it's true, they're amazing! You can actually relive your wedding day!) but I do love photos too. You can't put your wedding film on the mantlepiece for people to admire when they visit, well, I suppose you could sit all visitors down and make them watch the DVD of it but I'm thinking your visitors may dwindle over the months.

Having one or two 'iconic' photos is lovely. A couple of shots that you can place on the wall or on said mantlepiece to admire and to remember the day at any moment is a very special gift to have. There are two from our wedding day. I love them because they're in black and white, and black and white photos make me think of old movies. One of them is particularly romantic so it REALLY feels old movie-ish. It's on Exhibition Road in London, very near the Royal Albert Hall and right outside Ognisko Restaurant where we had our reception. The other photo is just a perfectly timed shot. I don't know why I felt the need to punch my fist in the air after getting married (actually, I do. I was two weeks away from turning 40 and I'd FINALLY got married!) but Chris, our photographer, captured the moment beautifully. It's a joyous time for Bill and I, and I love the fact we can see Cynthia, who married us at Islington Town Hall, laughing and clapping in the background. Our videographer, who was an old colleague of Bill's (Bill edited our wedding film, it was a bit much for him to film it too!), managed to film it from a different angle and it has a different feel altogether, you can see me through people's heads and hands clapping so it's like seeing the moment from their viewpoint. Brilliant. Click on the photo which will take you to Chris's website and you can see more of our wedding photos.

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