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I came across this picture recently and it reminded me of the first ever wedding video we did. It was in Bedfordshire and it was a lovely young couple called Jade and Ryan. We were both quite nervous - even though Bill has been in TV for 20 years it is a very different beast - there's no opportunity for a wedding videographer to shout 'OK guys that walk down the aisle was great, but can we do it one more time?' You only get one shot and it has to be perfect. So the pressure was on. But it was great. I loved it. I loved the fact that I was tucked away with a camera, discreetly filming people laughing, chatting, children being silly, interesting interactions; no one really looking at me or concerned with me. As a teacher for 20 years, I was so used to standing in front of 20 - 400 children/teachers/parents and having to deliver a lesson or a speech. I can't tell you the relief I felt when I realised that this new career for me meant I could melt into the background and not have to be the centre of attention - bliss!

The day was wonderful, we captured lots of lovely moments and the happy couple loved their wedding video so much they sent us an amazing hamper which included this rather delicious bottle of champagne. It was a wonderful relief knowing they were happy with their film and that we were doing it right!

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