A Christmas Wedding?

A good friend of mine got married at Christmas and, I have to say, it was never something I had ever considered. I think so many of us just want a beautiful summer's day so that we can be outside, we don't have to worry about jackets or wraps and just having the sun shining makes you feel happy. But after my friend's wedding, I'm a bit of a convert; I get it now! It was so Christmassy! There were fairy lights everywhere because it was dark, we wore faux fur wraps and bolero jackets, we sang carols and we were all in the Christmas spirit!

There are so many gorgeous wedding venues in Kent that would be perfect for a Christmas wedding. Decorating the venue would be fun: Christmas trees, fairy lights, candles, holly and of course mistletoe! And if there was snow - even better. The nearest to Christmas we have ever filmed (so far) is March so we can't wait to film a Christmas wedding. Weddings are magical anyway but Christmas is the most magical time of the year so to capture that on film would be a real treat. If you are planning or even just thinking about a Christmas wedding, click on the pic below for a website I came across with lots of tips for the perfect winter wedding.

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