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When I lived in Italy I knew a guy from the South who hadn't told his family he was gay. There was a family wedding one summer and so he asked me to attend the wedding with him - as his fiance. He even had a ring for me to wear!! Loving life's rich tapestry, I went along with it. He failed to tell me, though, that he had a terrible relationship with his mother and that they hadn't actually spoken in 3 years. Guess who I was sat between at the wedding breakfast? Yes, that's right. Him and his mum. Who didn't speak a word to me or him throughout the whole day. Not one word. Even though, as far as she was concerned, she was sitting next to her future daughter-in-law. Although I wasn't really. Oh the tangled web we weave!! Thank goodness for the drunken uncle who insisted on dragging me up to the dance floor every 10 minutes to dance slightly weird versions of the tarantella. Thank goodness there was no wedding videographer there that day. Still, it makes for a great story. Here are some more 'interesting' wedding stories...

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