Wedding Venue in London

This tickled us yesterday: we wanted to blog about Ognisko Restaurant in London as it's where we had our wedding reception, so we googled their website to have a look for photos. They have used a review from TripAdvisor on their home page which just happens to be Bill's!

I would say that Ognisko is one of the best value for money wedding venues in London; quite the feat when it happens to be on Exhibition Road in the heart of Kensington!

The ballroom is stunning; old school glamour at its best. The food is modern polish and, trust me, it's excellent. But the best thing about Ognisko is the staff. They are lovely, helpful and kind, which is so important when you are planning a wedding. Even on our day, Michael, who was the general manager (and I hope he still is!) was so attentive: there was nothing he couldn't do and he was always around, making sure we had everything we needed and all was going smoothly. It was reassuring on what is often a stressful and manic day that someone in charge was really looking out for us. Have a look below at their website and see for yourself how beautiful Ognisko is...

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