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OK, I'm not trying to do us out of a job here, but some people might be toying with the idea of going 'budget' for their wedding video (why would you do that?!).

That's great, and it will certainly save you a lot of money. However, you have to then be happy with the results. The standard of your wedding film is going to be on a very different level to those of the professionals. Yes, there is lots of great editing software out there to make things easier but the bottom line is it will never be the same.

I came across this article recently which I thought was very helpful. Written by videographers for non-videographers, there are some great tips - some you may think obvious but others I think could be enlightening to a lot of people. Videographers will read this article and think it's all common sense but you would be surprised at the amount of footage I have seen, that people have PAID FOR, that makes it obvious that whoever was filming wasn't aware of these useful tips.

Have a look and, if you're thinking of becoming a videographer, you will be equipped with lots of useful information to help you when out and about experimenting. My tip is though, if it's a wedding, leave it to the professional videographers to save any disappointment!

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