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Apparently taking your personal chef on holiday is so last year, darling. The new thing is bringing your own personal videographer on holiday with you to capture your sun-soaked memories forever. The likes of Elton John and The Beckhams are doing it and it definitely seems to be a new trend. I love the idea. Obviously. We film weddings in London, Kent and the South-East during the spring, summer and autumn months but the winter months are more often dotted with wedding fairs and rather boring admin. If we could pad out those few months with a few trips to somewhere exotic, filming families, couples and friends while they have a lovely old time on holiday - well that would be nice!

We always bring a small camera, usually a GoPro, with us on holidays. We film hours of footage - fun stuff like snorkelling and dinners out - and then edit it down to one or two songs worth of film. They're great memories to have. We often forget holidays over the years so it's lovely to look back and remember places we went to and things we did. So perhaps Cut The Cake Films should do a wedding and honeymoon film package..?! Below is the article I first read about holiday videographers.

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