Pre-Wedding Video Shoot

We are looking into pre-wedding video shoots, which have been growing in popularity in recent years. It's a nice idea; you film for an afternoon, perhaps with the the couple doing something they love together or at the place where they met, and create a 2-5 minute film which can be used as a Save the Date, or the wedding invitation itself - one couple I noticed had the film playing during their first dance. I have been watching some pre-wedding video shoots, there are quite a few online, and they are all quite traditional, romantic and pretty. It has made me think that this is something Cut The Cake Films could definitely do - we don't offer it at the moment - and we could create something a little different to the traditional varieties. Something which really demonstrates who the couple are, and we could make it much more contemporary, honest and perhaps quirky. This would be a great addition to the usual wedding videography packages. There are probably a lot of couples, particularly in London, who are getting married yet haven't met the extended family of their loved one due to being 'away from home'. This pre-wedding video shoot would be a great way of introducing each other before the big day.

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