A blissful Wedding at The Barnyard

On Friday, Bill and I had the privilege of filming Lisa and Michael's wedding at The Barnyard, Upchurch. The Barnyard is a wonderful wedding venue for a number of reasons. The beautiful marquee, the lovely grounds with the orchards and the pretty fountain for a start, but also - and more importantly - the staff. They were so lovely, helpful, accommodating and friendly. It was such a pleasure working there with such professional and genuinely nice people.

Lisa and Michael were not only a beautiful couple but they are the dream couple from a videographer's point of view! They were relaxed and easy to work with. It makes our job so much easier when there is no stress and everyone is just having a lovely time and enjoying the day. It's fun filming happy people! I had a smile on my face for a lot of the day; it's true that smiling and happiness are infectious.

I am currently editing the footage - I do all of the shot selects so Bill has a timeline full of useful footage when he comes to work his magic on it. Again, I'm smiling and laughing as I edit - especially once the DJ arrives and everyone has hit the dancefloor...

Take a look at The Barnyard's website by clicking on the pic:

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