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We delivered our first wedding film of the year to a very happy couple this weekend. It was hard work because Bill is currently working in London we have only had evenings and weekends to work on it. So our Easter was spent sat at the computer. I'm certainly not complaining - we love it! But it is a long process. And then we have the nervous wait for the couple's response! Will they love it? Will they hate it? Will they be totally underwhelmed by it? Everyone's idea of the perfect wedding film is different. The paranoia and neuroses definitely play a part in that tense time!

But I know that Bill and I put a huge amount of thought and love into our films and I like to think it comes across in them. It's not just a load of shots thrown together with cheesy love songs to accompany them. We choose shots carefully, thinking about which shots tell the story of the day the best, but also making sure we include everyone too. The songs are thought about too. For this film, we had a couple of songs which the couple chose but we also chose a few of our own. We chose songs that match the feeling of what is happening on the screen. We even sometimes choose shots based on the lyrics that are being sung at that time. Like I said, it's a long but thoroughly enjoyable process. Our couple are very happy which makes us genuinely thrilled. Our next wedding is in a couple of weeks so hopefully we will get a little bit of down time before it all kicks off again!

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