And finally...

And finally came the civil ceremony. The fifth day of celebrations in a period spanning two weeks. By now everyone knew each other well; there was no ice to break, no polite introductions to be had, everyone was family.

As I filmed the bridal preparations in the morning, I chatted away to mum, sister-in-law, friends and cousins about the previous celebrations and what today would bring. It was relaxed and intimate, a situation that only familiarity could bring about. It was lovely, as a wedding videographer, to feel such a part of it all.

Today's celebrations were taking place at the Park Lane Hilton, in Mayfair, London. It's a great venue; grand and welcoming and in a fab spot, overlooking Hyde Park and the Serpentine.

The bride, as ever, looked stunning and the ceremony was one of the most moving I have witnessed. The bride and groom wrote their own vows and my eyes welled up so much I had to do a LOT of blinking so I could see what I was filming!

Photos and drinks overlooking the park and the lake followed and then another 400 people arrived for the evening reception. Bill and I were whizzing around, trying to capture everyone - which is no mean feat when there are 540 faces to film!

More lovely speeches, bouquet throwing and first dance led into a real treat for everyone. The dance floor was taken over by a group of traditional bhangra dancers and they were AMAZING. Bill and I were blown away, we loved them! Not only were they perfectly choreographed and in sync, their performance was electrifying and HUGELY entertaining. Infectious smiles on their faces, I couldn't tear my eyes away, it was spectacular. If you've never seen any traditional bhangra dancing, I urge you to check it out and defy you not to love it!

Check out the Park Lane Hilton below if you fancy a touch of London luxury for your wedding.

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