Greek Wedding

It's certainly a year of firsts for Cut The Cake Films; on Sunday we filmed our very first Greek wedding! The lovely Sian and Yiorgos had a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony at All Saints Church, Margate, followed by a reception at Margate's Winter Gardens.

Another first was that we were working as a team of four with Blushing Bride Photography - I will blog about that experience next.

Lee and I were 'Team Bride' and so we arrived at Sian's grandparents' house (or rather, yiayia and papou's house!) at around 9.30am. Sian hadn't actually arrived yet so we all sat around the kitchen table and chatted happily about Cyprus, Greek weddings and family. It was relaxed and comfortable, a great start to the day. We were there for the Stolisma, which is a ceremony that involves the bride getting ready and then being blessed by her family. This also happens at the groom's house - Team Groom (Bill and Jon) were there to capture that. There is a violinist present who plays and sings a beautiful song which essentially invites the family members, one by one, to tie a red sash around the bride's waist three times (fertility blessing) and pass incense over her head.

Onto the church, where the bride and groom have crowns (stefana) placed on their heads, and part of the ceremony involves them walking around a table during which the groom has to face a few slaps from the bride's male relatives!

At the reception there were many traditional dances, including the famous money dance, which was quite a spectacle! It was such a fascinating experience for us, we loved seeing the many traditions and sharing the experience with the two families who were incredibly welcoming. We are very lucky to have had such a culturally enriching couple of months.

Another big wedding, nearly 300 guests this time! As the wedding videographers, it is quite a challenge to capture everyone and we were whizzing around the tables, but we managed to do it - I turned my camera off at the end of the night with 19 seconds left on my memory card - pretty good going!

Below is a link to the Winter Gardens. If you've a big family, then this is a great venue due to its size. It's also right by the sea so fab for photos. And Max, who was the manager was super friendly and helpful!

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