Beautiful Wye Wedding

Cut The Cake Films had never been to Wye before. Our first glimpse of it was at our second meeting with the lovely Sam and Laura to check out the church they had chosen for their upcoming nuptials. Wow. The church of St Gregory and St Martin is stunning, And the light! Oh, the light. A videographer's dream, I tell you! Light, bright and vast, the church was a joy to film in, with its very own choir and a lovely and very interesting vicar called Ravi Holy. Yes, that's right, Ravi Holy! Check him out, he is kind, funny and made Sam and Laura's wedding ceremony a real pleasure to capture.

But let's go back a little way. There were no bridal preps to film this time, Sam and Laura went for our Gold Package which, incidentally, is our most popular package; so while I filmed guests arriving, happily greeting each other and chatting excitedly, Bill caught Laura's stylish arrival in a beautiful blue Rolls Royce Silver Shadow - what a wedding car! She and her friendly and fun bridesmaids and dad are captured in slow motion getting out of their cars and walking through the pretty grounds of the church while we see Sam nervously waiting inside - it looks fab in the film, the anticipation is palpable.

Like the previous wedding, there were dark clouds looming but, lo and behold, as the wedding march struck up and Laura walked up the aisle to her awaiting groom, the sun came out and shone brilliantly through the striking stained glass windows. The Rev Ravi took a moment to thank God for arranging the sun and everyone beamed just as brightly.

After a lovely ceremony which involved an amusing reference to Four Weddings and a Funeral (I've never heard the word 'bonking' in a sermon before but it was very much appreciated), the incredibly happy-to-be-married couple walked down the aisle as the church bells rang out joyously. Bill and I were struck by what a close family both Sam and Laura have; everyone was thrilled that these two childhood sweethearts were getting wed and were there to support them and love them on their Big Day.

We got to work with Photographer Samantha Jones again, which was a real treat. Sam is very easy to work with and produces stunning photos, and we got some lovely footage of Sam and Laura's confetti walk outside the church. Look at this photo of Sam's below...simply stunning.

Soon it was time to hop back in the Silver Shadow (for us it was Leyoncé, our beloved Seat Leon) and make our way to Crown Lodge for the wedding reception...

Crown lodge is a cosy and stylish wedding venue with dramatic views of the Wye Downs and a very pretty fairy-lit avenue which makes for great photo opportunities with the bride and groom. We had a lovely time with Sam and Laura and photographer Sam getting some great footage here and also on the road overlooking the downs, only stopping to let the occasional car pass...

There followed some very sweet and funny speeches ('She's got a boyfriend, and he's a PLAYER'), cake cutting (cup cakes - yay!) and finally their first dance to Tom Walker's 'Just You and I'. We have some highly amusing dancing shots: one little girl absolutely going for it on the dance floor while another little boy stands watching, open-mouthed, transfixed. Brilliant.

Sam and Laura are the sweetest couple and we hope they, and the rabbits, have a wonderful life together.

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