Ashdown Park Wedding

Our final wedding in May was a little further afield in sunny Sussex, at the very grand Ashdown Park Hotel. Set within Ashdown Forest which was the inspiration for Hundred Acre Wood, the home of A A Milne's Winnie the Pooh, Ashdown Park Hotel is an imposing building with its very own chapel. It would be there that Lania and Richard would make their vows in the sunshine.

We arrived early to film the bridal preps of the calm, poised and utterly lovely Lania and her bridal party who were getting ready at the hotel. While Bill set up fixed cameras by the gazebo for their outdoor wedding to maximise coverage, I filmed Lania's make up being done - with an air brush, no less! I was so fascinated with the process I almost forgot to film it and when I eventually remembered to press the old red button, I made a mental note to look into buying an airbrush for myself. I got some beautiful footage (if I do say so myself), which I filmed at 250 frames per second to make it super sexy!

It was there I met Rich Page who was their wedding photographer, a new friend with whom we had not previously worked. He was experienced, relaxed and friendly and we got to work getting some good footage of Lania's wedding dress, hanging it from wall sconces and bannisters for an abstract effect.

I then spent the rest of the morning alternating between getting guests' arrivals with Bill downstairs, and then back upstairs capturing the progress of the girls. The bridesmaids and flower girls wore purple which complemented the bright orange of the gerberas in the flower pieces - the flowers were amazing, by the way. Exotic and unusual they represented Costa Rica, where Richard proposed to Lania.

Once everybody was ready, the bridesmaids and flower girls started on their long walk through the grounds to the awaiting guests. Lania made the journey in a golf buggy - no long walks for the bride! She then met her girls at the start of the aisle. It was a lovely touch.

The rain had started to spot and people were looking nervous; only five minutes previously everyone had had to take shelter under a nearby oak tree. But nothing could stop this beautiful bride from walking up the aisle and it was a touching moment when Richard shed a tear at the sight of his soon-to-be wife approaching him.

Shortly into the ceremony the rain stopped and the sun came out - during their vows in fact! Another great omen. And by the time the registrar announced they were married and could kiss it was positively blazing. Vividly coloured rose petals fluttered down as the new husband and wife walked down the aisle and from then on the sun was committed to shining on everybody. Photos, drinks and general merriment was to follow and soon after the receiving line signalled it was time to eat. Bill managed to sneak away with Rich the photographer and Lania and Richard, and he got some beautiful footage of the happy couple, a lot of which we used in our film trailer.

The culmination of the day was the wonderful first dance which was a surprise for the guests and certainly an unusual choice: 'The Circle of Life' from Disney's 'The Lion King'. It worked brilliantly (I'm a huge fan of the film, as is Lania), and confetti cannons were released at the crescendo of the song which made for a very dramatic and powerful moment!

Lania and Richard's day was beautiful and we were so lucky to be able to film it for them. We wish them nothing but the best for their future together.

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