Worst Wedding Video Ever Made?

While down the rabbit hole of wedding videographers and how to choose the right one for you, I came across an article which caught my eye. It was about how a bride is suing her wedding videographer for $122,000 in damages after being so horrified at the terrible video she received.

This sent a chill down my spine and probably would most wedding videographers. Even though we know how good we are, how good our kit is, how much we put our heart and soul into our work, there's always the tiny voice in our heads, when we send off the finished product, saying 'what if they don't like it?'

At the beginning of this article I thought, 'well, it must be an AWFUL film, perhaps even some sort of a scam, for the bride to be so upset to actually sue for damages. Perhaps everything is out of focus, perhaps heads have been chopped off, perhaps they missed all of the key moments? Perhaps they turned up late or left early??

Well, the video is included at the end of the article so you can see for yourself and make up your own mind whether it was worth going to court for. I know what I think...What do you think? Click on the question mark to see the article and film and let us know!

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