Wedding Videography - What Not To Do

OK, this is the last in the series of awful wedding films, I promise! Once you get down a Google rabbit hole, it's hard to drag yourself out!

This, for me, is a real horror story. My heart goes out to the poor couple involved as it sounds like the videographer genuinely ruined their day AND the memories of it.

I can't stress this enough but it is SO important to meet your wedding videographer beforehand to talk about your day, let them know your plans in detail, but also to get to know them and for them to get to know you. If you don't feel a connection or something just doesn't feel right then DO NOT BOOK THEM!

Also, it's SO important to see their previous work, and as much of it as you can, so you can be sure you like their filming and editing style.

There's really no excusing this videographer though, and so much of this was out of this poor couple's control. Turning up an HOUR late which then has a knock on effect for the rest of the wedding preps and ceremony is just unforgivable. It really doesn't sound like this person's calling is wedding videography at all. In fact it sounds like his heart just isn't in it. And your heart HAS to be in it. We still get nervous before every wedding and are there HOURS in advance to make sure everything is set up properly. We agonise over shots in the edit; should it go in? Shorter? Longer? Does it work with the next shot? Do they tell a story?

Honestly, if you could see us sat, hunched over the computer, painstakingly searching for every tiny little smile, look, nod, which enhances the story of the day, then slotting it in somewhere, then taking it out and putting it somewhere else before finally putting it back where it was in the first place, you'd laugh. Or think we're crazy! But we love it. We love telling that story, recreating the moments and pairing them with the right music which will evoke the right emotions. It's magic. The films we make still make me cry when we watch them before we send them off to our couples. Every time.

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