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In the initial stage of enquiry, quite a lot of couples ask exactly what their wedding film will consist of, as they usually haven't seen a full length one before. Lots of wedding videographers (including us) just show examples on their websites which are usually much shorter highlight films. We have our film trailers on our website and so it can be difficult to imagine what a 20 or 30 minute film will look like. So I thought it would be a good idea to give a break down of our films to give couples an idea of what to expect.

We have lots of different options when it comes to the finished product, but in this blog I am going to use our Platinum package film as an example. The Platinum film is usually 25-30 minutes long and we break our films into chapters so that they bounce along nicely and don't get boring. All chapters are accompanied by music which suits the mood of the segment.

The first chapter would consist of perhaps some exterior shots of the ceremony venue so a church, hotel or dedicated wedding venue; some detail shots such as flowers or decorations, and whatever else happens to be around and significant. Then we would see shots of the bride getting ready, I use super slow motion shots for this, especially when the bride is having her make up done as it looks really beautiful and teases the audience before you see the finished results! There would also be shots of whatever else is going on around her, bridesmaids, mother of the bride etc, getting on with whatever they need to do. We always try to stay as much in the background as we can so whoever is being filmed isn't fully aware of it thus creating more natural, relaxed footage. All of these shots would be interspersed with the shots that Bill is getting as the guests and the groom arrive and greet each other and take their seats/get into position. It works really well together and builds up the anticipation of the forthcoming nuptials!

Next chapter is the arrival of the bridal party and ceremony. We use audio in this chapter, so amongst the gentle incidental music, we use what we call 'upsync' of the vows, exchanging of the rings, maybe some readings if there are any and usually ending with the celebrant/registrar announcing the couple are now married and they can kiss!

Following this we go back to video montage to some usually bouncy music to highlight the signing of the register, walking down the aisle, confetti, kisses and congratulations. This works really well after the ceremony as it has lots of energy and feels really celebratory.

Then we usually have a chapter which covers drinks, nibbles, more congrats, and generally whatever is going on at the venue. Again, Bill and I try to stay in the background so we can get candid shots which makes for a much more interesting and watchable film! This segment might also include official photos, so one of us would be behind the photographer capturing what they are getting but also the bits in between as people get ready to smile - this can often be amusing and a bit chaotic, which makes for a great watch!

Our next chapter usually sees us move into the wedding breakfast room where we see everyone settling and the bride and groom entering. We try and get around every table here with our steady cam so you can be assured everyone makes the cut!

The speeches segment is next and, again, we use audio here - of course! We pick out key moments from each speech rather than include entire speeches, and we include faces of the guests listening and reacting to whatever is being said.

We then have a little chapter which includes the cake cutting, and general post wedding breakfast fun. Perhaps you have a photobooth or a magician, or perhaps you don't - whatever happens we will capture it and include it.

The final chapter is of course the first dance footage and a bit of boogying from the guests. We use the steadycam again for this so you have some lovely gliding shots of your first dance and then the guests as they start to let their hair down. We don't include anything after that as wedding guests want to relax and not have to worry that their skills on the dance floor are being recorded!

So that just about covers a typical Platinum package film. The gold package is similar, it just doesn't include bridal preps but it generally follows the same pattern.

Of course, your day might not follow the traditional pattern. You might want a completely different kind of coverage - get in touch, we want to hear all about your day and we are very flexible!

I'd like to add that, although in my example film above I used a bride and groom, we would also love to make films for bride and brides and groom and grooms! Get in touch.

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