Top 5 TV Weddings

Ok it’s been 5 months since I have filmed a wedding and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. So while I was just trying to get my fix by trawling through the internet looking at all things wedding related, I came across some articles about the various weddings in ‘Friends’ which has inspired me to compile my very own Top 5 Favourite Fictional Weddings! This way I get to relive the weddings that I didn’t exactly attend but enjoyed nonetheless. So here we go..

No. 5

Ross and Emily - Friends

Remember Emily? And the romantic wedding they had planned in London? But then the church got demolished and they only realised something like the day before…hmm. Anyway, Monica saved the day and filled the ruins with beautiful candles and everything looked pretty and it was all so romantic - until Rachel turned up and Ross said Rachel instead of Emily in the vows. Not the greatest start to a marriage - great drama though!

No. 4

Turk and Carla - Scrubs

Love these guys. And they were not without their own drama. Turk was running late due to performing an operation and eventually made it to the church but - oh no - it was the wrong church, so the wedding was cancelled. Boo. But, never fear! His patient turned out to be an ordained minister and married them back at the hospital. Yay!

No. 3

Harry and Charlotte - Sex and the City

Charlotte wanted the perfect wedding with Harry, her unlikely soulmate. But after he spilled red wine on her dress in the ceremony and she tripped walking down the aisle, you’d be forgiven for thinking things did not bode well (and things didn’t improve in the reception when Miranda’s speech caught fire!) However, they ended up having the perfect marriage so these mishaps were definitely not signs of terrible things to come.

No. 2

Chandler and Monica - Friends (again)

One of the most unexpected and greatest love stories on TV was that of Chandler and Monica. And their wedding day was perfect - but yet again, along comes Rachel to steal Monica’s thunder (remember her engagement??) when she reveals she is pregnant. OK, in all fairness she didn’t mean for it to happen, it was Phoebe who found the pregnancy test and thought it was Monica who was pregnant, forcing Rachel to spill the beans. I particularly enjoyed Joey, dressed as a WWI soldier performing their marriage ceremony.

No. 1

Scott and Charlene - Neighbours

As a kid in the 80s, it has to be Ramsey Street’s finest, Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell for me. With the gravelly tones of Angry Anderson belting out ‘Suddenly’, I watched, teary-eyed, as the childhood sweethearts got married and snogged inappropriately, as the residents of Erinsborough looked on. The gratuitous display of tongues didn’t put me off my tea and, as I ate my fish fingers and chips I fantasised about what my wedding would be like.

Let’s hope your wedding has all the love and romance of the best of these weddings but none of the drama!

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